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Oren Ergas, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • ​Senior Lecturer
  • Faculty of Education

Research Interests

  • ​Philosophy of education,
  • Curriculum and pedagogy
  • Mind-brain and education
  • Contemplative education
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi


  • ​Mindfulness and social-emotional learning (Seminar)
  • Issues and dilemmas in curriculum design: Meaningful learning and the meaning of life (Seminar)
  • Tradition and change in curriculum design: theories and models (Semester)
  • Education in light of body-mind practices (Semester)
  • Philosophy of science and mathematics (Semester)



  • Ergas, O. & Todd, S. (eds.) (2016). Philosophy East/West: Exploring intersections between educational and contemplative practices. UK, Wiley-Blackwell. (198 pp.)
  • Ergas, O. (2017). Reconstructing 'education' through mindful attention: Positioning the mind at the center of curriculum and pedagogy. UK, Palgrave Macmillan. (350 pp.)

Peer reviewed papers:

  • Ergas, O. (2013). Two mind-altering curricula: Contemplation, mindfulness and the educational question whether "to think or not to think?" Journal of Transformative Education 11 (4), 275-296
  • Ergas, O. (2013). Body-oriented pedagogy: When Descartes assumes a headstand. Philosophical Inquiry in Education (formerly Paideusis), 21 (1), 4-12.
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  • Ergas, O. (2015). The deeper teachings of mindfulness-based curricular interventions as a reconstruction of "education". Journal of Philosophy of Education 49 (2), 203-220. 
  • Todd, S., & Ergas, O. (2015). Introduction to special issue on Philosophy East/West: Exploring intersections between educational and contemplative practices, Journal of Philosophy of Education 49 (2), 163-169. Ergas, O. (2018). A contemplative turn in education: Charting a curricular-pedagogical countermovement. Pedagogy, Culture & Society. (ahead of print)
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  • Ergas, O. (2019). Education and time: coming to terms with the 'insufficiency of now' through mindfulness. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 38 (2), 113-128.
  • Ergas, O. (2019). Education and mindfulness: Exploring a dialogue between two traditions. Mindfulness, 10 (8), 1489-1501. 
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  • Ergas, O. (2020). Education and cosmopolitanism: Liberating our non-cosmopolitan minds through mindfulness. Policy Futures in Education 18(5), 610-627. 


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