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דואר אלקטרוני

Rafik Abu Baker, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Lecturer at the Department of Hebrew Language and in foundation studies in Hebrew language

Teaching and Research Fields

​Dr. Abu Baker is a lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Language at Beit Berl College and at Al-Qasemi College. He obtained his BA and MA degrees from Tel Aviv University and his PhD from Bar-Ilan University. Dr. Abu Baker examined the influence of Arabic on the Hebrew writing of high-school graduates; the findings of his study were published in his doctoral thesis in 2002. He taught Hebrew in Arab high schools for 19 years. He has also given lectures at conferences, for example on the subject of language contact between Arabic and Hebrew in the State of Israel, and he has written articles on various aspects of language. He teaches courses on correct pronunciation in Hebrew to both Jewish and Arab students, as well as courses on the mutual linguistic influence between Hebrew and Arabic. He is also interested in Arabic dialectology.

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