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Ruti Fisher-Bach, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Lecturer and pedagogic instructor in the Biblical and Cultural Studies Department 


Dr. Ruti Fisher-Bach is active in research, teaching, and education relating to biblical literature and the exposure of the complex and layered nature of this literature in both the First Temple and Second Temple periods. She is also involved in examining the integration of technology in research and teaching.
Dr. Fisher-Bach received her PhD from the Department of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2011. Her doctoral thesis, supervised by Prof. Y. Zackovich, discussed the depiction of the figures from the Torah in Ben Sira’s Praise of the Ancestors. She has been a lecturer at Beit Berl College since 2001 and a pedagogic instructor since 2009. She also taught in the education system from 1994-2002 and again since 2005. She is a member of the subject committee in the Ministry of Education and checks final projects, among other areas of involvement. 


ר' בך, "פרויקט לכיתות י"א בבית-הספר "בויאר"", על הפרק 13 (1997), עמ' 189-187.
ג' פישר, ר' פישר-ב"ח, ד' שרגל, תכנית לימודים, מקרא, השלמה לתכנית הלימודים לבית הספר הממלכתי, ניבים, ביטויים ופסוקים נבחרים לכיתות ז'-י"ב, ירושלים 2006.

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