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Safieh Hassonah-Arafat, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Head of the Clinical Induction Program; "Spreading the Wings"
  • The internship coordinator at the Arab Academic Institute for Education, The Faculty of Education, Beit Berl College
  • The Head of Research Center at the Arab Academic Institute for Education - Beit Berl College

Research Interests

  • ​Literacy and early literacy
  • The acquisition of reading and writing at preschool age


  • ​Literacy and early literacy
  • The acquisition of reading and writing at preschool age
  • Difficulties in language acquisition
  • Reading comprehension
  • Foundations in study planning
  • Language development and literacy in Arabic Language
  • Workshop Internship


  • Book: Mothers read and mediate books to their children: Arab families attest to the contribution of mediation to young children's literacy
  • Continuity in Literacy Achievements from Kindergarten to First Grade:nA Longitudinal Study of Arabic-Speaking Children
  • Book Reading Mediation, SES, Home Literacy Environment and Children’s Literacy: Evidence from Arabic-Speaking Families
  • The Contribution of Early Home Literacy Activities to First Grade Reading and Writing Achievements in Arabic
  • The impact of mother reading story to child achievement in kindergarten and first class 

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Korat, O., Hassunh Arafat, S., Aram, D., & Klein, P. (2012). Book reading mediation, SES, home literacy environment and children's literacy: Evidence from Arabic-speaking families. First language 33(2), 132–154. (I.F.0.72, Q1).
  • Aram, D., Korat, O., Saiegh-Haddad, E., Hassunha Arafat, S., Khoury, R., Hija, J. (2013). Early literacy among Arabic speaking kindergartners: The role of socioeconomic status, home literacy environment and maternal mediation of writing. Cognitive Development, 28, 193– 208. (I. F. 1.11, Q1).
  • Hod-Shemer, O., Zimerman, H., Hassunah – Arafat, S., Wertheim, C. (2017). Perception of Fairness from the Perspective of Kindergarten Children. Early Childhood Education Journal (ECEJ), 10, 1-8. (I.F. 055, Q2).
  • Hassunah Arafat, S.,  Korat, O.,   Aram, D.,  Saiegh-Haddad, E. (2017). Continuity in Literacy Development from Kindergarten to First Grade: A Longitudinal Study of Arabic Speaking Children. Reading and Writing, An interdisciplinary Journal, 30, 1-19. (I.F.1.37, Q 1).

Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Books

  • Korat, O., Aram, D., Hassunha, S., & Hag-Yehiya, H.  (2013). Mother-child literacy activities and early literacy in the Israeli Arab family.  Handbook of Arabic Literacy. In  E. Saiegh-Haddad and M. Joshi (Eds.). Springer, The Netherlands 323-347.

Other Interests

  • ​Training of new teachers
  • Foundations in study planning

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