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דואר אלקטרוני

Sameer Kadan, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Head of early childhood track

Research Interests

  • ​Identity and education
  • Minority majority relations
  • Education in conflictual context
  • Minorities and education


  • ​Personal and professional identity of teachers
  • Education and society 
  • Philosophy of education
  • Arab education system: issues and challenges
  • Supervision in conflictual situations


  • Career choice in the context of political conflict: the case of Palestinians social workers in Israel. Intercultural education. Aug 2018
  • Social Workers from Oppressed Minority Group Treating Majority Group's Clients: A Case Study of Palestinians Social Workers. Social Work, V 62, 2, 156-164
  • הדרכה בצל קונפלקט: תפיסותיהם של עובדים סוציאלים ערבים בישראל. חברה ורווחה, ל"ז 3, 513-536

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