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Sara Zadunaisky Ehrlich, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Associate Professor 

Research Interests

  • Language development in typical and atypical populations 
  • Linguistic literacy development: Writing in different genres 
  • Peer talk at kindergarten age 
  • Children-Teacher talk: Classroom discourse 


  • Language development in typical and atypical populations
  • Literacy in first language 
  • Workshop: Identification and intervention with children with reading difficulties
  • The roles of the speech -language pathologies in the educational system 


  • Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S. and Blum-Kulka, S. (2010). Peer talk as a 'double opportunity space': The case of argumentative discourse. Discourse & Society, 21, 1-23. 
  • Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S. (2011). Argumentative discourse of kindergarten children: Features of peer talk and children-teacher talk. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 25, 248 – 267.
  • Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S. and Blum kulka, S. (2014). "Now I said that Danny becomes Danny again". A multifaceted view of peer argumentative discourse in kindergarten children. In A. Cekaite, S., Blum-Kulka, V. Aukrust and E. Teubal (Eds). Children’s peer discourse and peer learning in first and second language, pp.23-41. Cambridge University Press.
  • Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S. (2017). Acts of distancing in conversational arguments in children's peer talk. Learning, Culture and Social interaction, 14, 12-23.
  • Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S. (2019). Paradigmatic literacy features in children’s argumentation in peer talk. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 19(2), 224-251.
  • Stavans, A., Seroussi, B., & Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S. (2019). Literacy-Related Abilities’ Effects on Argumentative Text Quality Structure. Journal of Literacy Research, 51(3), 315-335.
  • Zadunaisky Ehrlich, S., Stavans, A., Seroussi, B. (accepted). Predictors of spelling errors in expository texts written by Hebrew-speaking elementary school children. Revista Infancia, Educación y Aprendizaje.

Other Interests

  • I am engaged in the development of materials for the Ministry of Education (e.g., Developing a common language in multilingual kindergartens, or development of activities with books\texts).
  • I have an extensive clinical experience in working with children / adolescents with language or literacy difficulties (challenges in communication, language difficulties or facing difficulties in reading comprehension and text writing).

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