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דואר אלקטרוני

Sarit Gideoni Cohen, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Head of the diagnostics, assessment and guidance center

Research Fields

  • Non suicidal self-injury in adolescents
  • Secure and insecure attachments as resilience and risk factors
  • Anxiety and depression among learning disabilities and ADHD adolescents


  • Emotional and social among learning disabilities
  • Parenthood for children in  the special education
  • Parenthood for learning disabilities and ADHD children and adolescents


  • Gideoni Cohen, S.. (2017). Things seen from there, cannot be seen from here: Therapeutic explorations far away from homeland, in the mother tongue, arouse childhood memories. Mifgash: Journal of Social-Educational Work25(45/46), 133-146.,
  • Cohen, S. G. (2011). Attachment Theory as a Conceptual Framework for Risk Pathways in Non-suicidal Self-injury (Doctoral dissertation, Monash University).‏

Other academic interests

  • Psycho diagnostics tests
  • Dynamic Psychotherapy

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