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Shay Menashe, Dr.

Academic Positions


Research Interests

  • ​Cognitive neuropsychology of developmental dyslexia and intact reading
  • Attentional systems
  • Attention deficits
  • Audiovisual integration


  • ​Neuropsychology of learning
  • Brain and learning
  • Attention and executive functions 
  • Impaired and non-impaired development of attention


  • Menashe, S. (2019). Altered hemispheric specialization for speech in adult dyslexic readers: An ERPs and dichotic listening study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 51, 121 - 134
  • Menashe, S. (2018). Spatial selective attention and asynchrony of cognitive systems in adult dyslexic readers: An ERPs and behavioral study. Annals of Dyslexia, 68(2), 145 - 164
  • Menashe, S. (2017). Selective attention and the "Asynchrony Theory" in native Hebrew-speaking adult dyslexics: Behavioral and ERPs measures. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, 16(3), 347 - 363
  • Menashe, S. (submitted). Audiovisual integration and spatial selective attention in adult dyslexic reader: An ERPs study. Brain & Language, XX:XX

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