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Shelly Shenhav Keller, Dr.

Shelly Shenhav KellerLecturer at the Education Dept. and the Dept of Society & Culture

Research Interests

  • Visual Culture, Museums & Heritage
  • Collective Memory
  • Identity and Ethnicity
  • Informal Education
  • Writing a program for a Cultural Hub
  • Curating Exhibitions


  • Culture and Cultural Studies
  • Introduction to Anthropology
  • Informal Education and active Learning
  • Education and Museums
  • Strangeness and otherness
  • The Journey Towards Israeliness
  • Love in Anthropological Perspective


Refereed Journals 

  • "Beit (Ha)tfutzoth – Beit Gola: The Poetics and Politics of Memory in the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora". Iyunim betkumat Israel (special issue). (2015), 10: 356-374 [Hebrew]. 
  • Shenhav-Keller, Shelly, "From Melting Pot to a Multicultural Society: Three Points of View in the Meeting of Cultures in Israel". Motar - Journal of the Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University. (2010), 16/17: 13-18 [Hebrew]. 
  • Shenhav-Keller, Shelly, "The Israeli Souvenir: Its Text and Context", Annals of Tourism Research (1993), 20(1):182-196.

Refereed Books

  • "The Spider Strategy" – Education and Vision in Museums".
    In Sigalit Rosmarin, and Pikel-Tzabari, Ora (Eds.) Museums in the Mirror of Education and Society. Jerusalem: (2017) Efrata Academic College, pp. 221-228 [Hebrew]. 
  • Shenhav-Keller, Shelly, "Invented Exhibits: Visual Politics of the Past at the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora", in Emanuela Trevisan Semi, Dario Miccoli, and Tudor Parfitt (eds.). Memory and Ethnicity: Ethnic Museums in Israel and the Diaspora. Cambridge: (2013), Cambridge Scholars Publishing. P.p. 21-44

Other Publication

 A Land and Its Dolls – Israeli Souvenirs and National Identity, Exhibition Catalogue, (2011) Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv. 

Other Interests

​Cinema, Art, Psychology and Nature.

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