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Shirly Natan-Yulzary, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • ​Bible teaching Instructor (preliminary school)
  • Lecturer in the Dept. of Bible and Israeli culture

Research Interests

  • Bible Studies.
  • The foundations of Biblical literature in West Semitic (Ugaritic) literature.
  • The relationship between the Bible and West Semitic (Ugaritic) literature. 
  • Western Semitic (Ugaritic) poetry.
  • Teaching of the Bible.


  • Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
  • Angels in the Bible
  • Biblical Poetry
  • Reality and Rhetoric in Ecclesiastes
  • Proficiency in the Biblical books
  • Brothers and Sisters in Genesis – The Art of Biblical Narrative
  • Selected works from ancient Eastern literature
  • Methodic of Bible teaching

List of Publications

Articles in peer reviewed journals
Natan-Yulzary, S., "Asherah, Lady of the Sea – A New Look at KTU 1.4 II", Aula Orientalis 38/1 )2020), 131-146.
Natan-Yulzary, S., “Suspense in the Epic of Aqhat: A Reexamination of Two Passages of CAT 1.19”, Bibliotheca Orientalis LXXV 5/6 (2018), 481-494. 
Natan-Yulzary, S., “The Use of Resumptive Repetition for the Construction of Time and Space in the Ugaritic Epic of Aqhat”, Ugarit Forschungen 48 (2017), 373-390 (A Hebrew version was published in: Miphgashei Tarbut 5, pp. 61-72).
Natan-Yulzary, S., with the cooperation of Ch. Shaham, and G. Caduri, “First Steps Toward Integrating Social Media Networks into the Teaching of the Bible – Examination of Experience in Light of the Connectivist Approach”, Zman Hinukh 3 (2017), pp. 89-115 (Hebrew).
Natan-Yulzary, S., “Contrast and Meaning in the Aqhat Story”, Vetus Testamentum 62 (2012), pp. 433-449.
Natan-Yulzary, S., “The Sabbath as a Day of No-Work – Or Not?” Miphgashei Tarbut 1 (2012), pp. 13-20 (a corrected version appeared in Miphgashei Tarbut 2). (Hebrew).
Natan-Yulzary, S., “Divine Justice or Poetic Justice? The Transgression and Punishment of the Goddess Anath in ‘the Aqhat Story’– A Literary Perspective”, Ugarit-Forschungen 41 (Internationales Jahrbuch für die Altertumskunde Syrien-Palästinas ; 2009), pp. 581-599. (A Hebrew version was published in Mo'ed – Annual for Jewish Studies 20 [2010], pp. 1-20).
Natan-Yulzary, S., “Characterization and Text Texture in Ancient West-Semitic Literature from Ugarit”, Shnaton – An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, 17 (2007), pp. 161-197 (Hebrew).

Forthcoming articles in peer reviewed journals and Books
Natan-Yulzary, S., “Kirta’s Expedition to Udum in KTU 1.14”, JANES (forthcoming).
Natan-Yulzary S., “Book Review: Aaron Tugendhaft, Baal and the Politics of Poetry, Routledge, 2018”, Journal of the American Oriental Society  140 (2019). (forthcoming).
Natan-Yulzary, S., “The Role of Thitmanit as a Mourner in the Kirta-Epic” (accepted for publication), Ve-‘Ed Ya’aleh (Gen 2:6): Essays in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies Presented to Edward L. Greenstein, to be published by SBL Press in the Writings from the Ancient World Supplement series.
Natan-Yulzary, S., “Reading Ugaritic Narrative Poetry: The Use of Sound-effects, Leitwort and Semantic Structures in the West-Semitic Tradition” intended for publication in: The Shamir, the Letters, the Writing, and the Tablets (Mishnah Avot 5:6): Studies in the Bible and The Ancient Near East, Postbiblical Literature, Ancient Languages and Ancient Cultures in Honor of Professor Shamir Yona. Edited by Tvi Gal and Dina Shalem (Kiryat Tiv’on: Ostracon Pulishing, Forthcoming).

Articles and chapters in peer reviewed books 
Natan-Yulzary S. and I. Abecassis, “Fathers to Sons and Their Representation in the Book of Samuel in Light of Wisdom Literature”, forthcoming in an edited volume on the topic of representations, by MOFET Institute, Tel Aviv. (Hebrew).
Natan-Yulzary, S., and G, Caduri, “In the beginning there was facebook”, In: B. Schwartz et al. (eds.), Have the Walls of Education Fallen in the Web”? Teachers, Students and the Social Media, MOFET Institute, Tel Aviv, 2017, pp. 148-158 (Hebrew). 

Book Reviews in peer reviewed journals
Natan-Yulzary, S., Review: Noga Ayali-Darshan, “Treading on the Back of the Sea: The Combat between the Storm-god and the Sea in Ancient Near Eastern Literature (The Biblical Encyclopedia Library 33) Jerusalem: Bialik Institute, 2016, forthcoming in Beit Mikra 64/2 2019 pp. 341-357 (Hebrew).

Published Books - peer reviewed books put out by academic publishers 
Natan-Yulzary, S., (translation and annotation), The Aqhat Epic: A New Hebrew Translation, Resling Press, Tel Aviv 2015. (Hebrew).

Other Interests

  • Integrating technology in Bible teaching
  • Innovative pedagogy


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