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Shlomit Langboim, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Lecturer at the Department of Israel Studies and Geography and in the Post-Elementary track
  • Head of the Department of Israel Studies and Geography 

Teaching and Research Fields

​Dr. Shlomit Langboim is a historical geographer who specializes in the study of the Jewish community in Palestine in the late nineteenth century. Shlomit lectures at the Department of Israel Studies and Geography and the teaching track for post-elementary schools. She is a graduate of the Department of Geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University (in educational counseling), both cum laude. Her doctoral thesis examined the reaction of the Jewish community in Palestine to missionary activities in the late nineteenth century. Her fields of interest are historical geography of the modern period, the establishment of Jewish neighborhoods outside the city walls in Jerusalem, the agricultural colonies of the First Aliya period, missionary activities in Palestine, the perception of the totality of landscape and human activity in Palestine, and other aspects. Another key focus of her work and research is the methodology of outdoor teaching and guiding; she serves as a pedagogic instructor for the practical component in the teaching of the Land of Israel and Field, Nation, and Society school subjects and of Knowledge of Israel in the post-elementary track. Shlomit was a senior partner in the development team for the educational program in Field, Nation, and Society and Knowledge of Israel, and for many years she has supervised and guided teachers in these fields during the first years of work. Shlomit leads intern workshops at the “Spreading the Wing” unit at Beit Berl College, coordinates courses for Field, Nation, and Society mentors, and writes curriculum for the Content and Training Programs Division of the Society and Youth Authority in the Ministry of Education.


Kark, R & Langboim,  S. (2010). Mission and identity formation among the people of Palestine: the case of the Jewish population, Friedrich Norbert, Kaminsky Uwe & Loffler Roland (edt.), The Social Dimension of Christian Missions in the Middle East, Missionsgeschichtliches  Archiv,16, Stuttgart, pp.101-119.

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