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Tali Hayosh, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Accreditation advisor for undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Head of "TZEVET – best for education" program

Research Interests

  • ​Leisure culture
  • Leisure of children and youth
  • Consumer culture
  • Informal pedagogy


  • The Leisure Culture Seminar
  • Active and informal learning
  • Qualitative Research Methods – Advanced Course
  • Active and informal learning
  • Teaching and learning informal education
  • Workshop for Writing Proposal for Final Project / Workshop for Writing Proposal for Final Project


  • Hayosh, T. (2018). Serious Leisure: Culture and Consumption in Modern Society. Tel Aviv: Resling Publishing.
  • Hayosh, T. (2017) Engagement in Serious Leisure as Practice for Coping with the Stress of Daily Life. World Leisure, 3, 206-217. Q-1 – Cultural Studies; Q-3 – Social Psychology
  • Hayosh, T. (2014). Coping with Stress and alienation via leisure pursuits in Israel. In: M. Leitner, M. & S. Leitner, S. Israeli Life and Leisure in the 21st Century. NY: Sagamore Publishing. 
  • Nasser-Abu Elhija, F. and Hayosh, T. (2018). After the Bell: The World of Leisure for children and teenagers. Jerusalem: Magnes Publishing

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