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Talia Keinan

Talia Keinan creates installations that combine different mediums: sculpture, drawing, video and sound. In her work she strives to create autonomous spaces with a unique rhythm and sense of time and light, in which the viewer is invited to wander about and experience the place as details and as one space. The medium of drawing is at the base of her work as an everyday practice that attracts everyday images and experiences and the basis of her research on image and observation.
In her exhibitions, the boundaries of the mediums are blurred and mixed.

Keinan has collaborated with artists from various fields including poetry, theater and music. 

Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Won several excellence awards including the Wolf Foundation Prize and the Gottesdiener Foundation award. Her works are exhibited in Israel and around the world.

תודה, הבקשה נשלחה.
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