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Tamar Yaron, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Pedagogical Instructor Chemistry Teaching for career changers
  • Pedagogical Instructor Chemistry Teaching and masters degree in science education 
  • Head of career changers for teaching program for Teva leavers
  • Head of accompanying Chemistry teachers program
  • Lecturer of science teaching

Research Interests

​Science Education


  • Didactics of Chemistry Teaching
  • Science and investigation in school
  • Education and class management

Academic Activities

  • Integrating the World of R&D into the Pre-Service Training of Math and Science Teachers (2019). Mofet Institute "Teacher Education" International conference
  • “ Coping with a reluctance to engage in science by teaching scientific principles in the track of training early childhood education workers” (2017). Conference Hebrew University Jerusalem “Qualitative Research in Education”         
  • “Integrating the Taxonomy of Thinking Levels for Assessing Learners  in the Teaching of Physics” (2016) International conference “Improving University Teaching” Mofet Institute
  • Pre-service teachers working with researchers and engineers to integrate research-oriented instruction in science and math classroom (2019) ESERA science teaching conference

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