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Tom Bielik, Dr.

Tom Bielik, Dr.Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

Technology tools, Modeling practice, Systems thinking, Critical thinking.


Developing and Implementing STEM projects, Biology Teaching and Pedagogy, Using Technology Tools in Science Classrooms, Foundations of Critical Thinking.


  • Bielik T., & Krüger D. (2022). Perceived Relevance of Critical Thinking Aspects for Biology Graduate Students. Journal of Biological Education.
  • Bielik T., Stephens L., McIntyre C., Damelin D., & Krajcik J. (2021) Supporting Student System Modeling Practice Through Curriculum and Technology Design. Journal of Science Education and Technology.
  • Bielik T., Finnie K., Peek-Brown D., Klager C., Touitou I., Schneider B. & Krajcik J. (2021). High School Teachers’ Perspective on Shifting Towards Teaching NGSS-Aligned Project-Based Learning Curricula Units. Journal of Science Teacher Education. DOI: 10.1080/1046560X.2021.1961973
  • Bielik T., & Friedrich B. (2021). Creating Much Out of Nothing: The Relationship between Fritz Haber and Chaim Weizmann. The Israel Chemist and Chemical Engineer, 7 (22-29). 
  • Bielik T., Fonio E., Feinerman, O., Golan R. T., & Levy S. T. (2021). Working Together: Integrating Computational Modeling Approaches to Investigate Complex Systems. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 30 (40-57).

Other Interests

History and Philosophy of Science


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