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Tziona Levi, Dr.

Academic Positions


Research Interests

  • ​Assessment for learning
  • Assessment literacy
  • Dynamic assessment
  • Oral proficiency of EFL/ESL
  • Teaching English as EFLE/ESL


  • How to teach oral proficiency in the EFL classroom,
  • Assessment for learning


  • Kozulin, Alex & Levi, Tziona. (2018). EFL Learning Potential: General or Modular?. Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology. 17. 16-27    
  • Levi, T., Poehner, E. M. (2018). Employing Dynamic Assessment to Enhance Agency Among L2 Learners. In Lantolf, J. (Ed.), Poehner, M. (Ed.), Swain, M. (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook of Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Development. (Pp 295-309). New York: Routledge
  • Inbar-Lourie, O. & Levi, T. (2018). Assessment literacy as praxis: Mediating teacher knowledge of assessment for-learning practices. In: Pohner, E. M. & Inbar-Lourie, O. Toward a Reconceptualization of L2 Classroom Assessment: Praxis and Researcher-Teacher Partnership. Berlin: Springer Publishing
  • Levi, T. (2017) Developing L2 oral language proficiency using concept-based Dynamic Assessment within a large-scale testing context. Language and Sociocultural Theory, 4, (2) 78-99
  • Levi, T. (2015). Towards a framework for assessing foreign language oral proficiency in a large-scale test setting: Learning from DA mediation examinee verbalizations. Language and Sociocultural Theory, 2, (1) 1-24
  • Levi, T. (2008). Reliability, validity and feasibility of the Project: a component in the Israeli EFL Matriculation test.  Melbourne Papers in Language and Testing.  13(2) 1
  • Orland-Barak L., Kemp J., Ben-Or, T. and Levi, T., (2004) Seeing the ‘new’ in light of the ‘old’: evolving interpretations of a new national English Curriculum. Journal of Curriculum Studies. 36(3), 321-339
  • Kemp, J., Benor, T., Levi, T. (2001) Implementing the new curriculum. In: Trends. The Association of Teacher Educators for TEFL in Israel. 9. 46-56
To be published:

  • A meta-Analysis paper: From induction to retention of language teachers: The role of teacher agency (forthcoming)
  • Levi, T., Inbar, O. Assessment Literacy or Language Assessment Literacy: Learning from the teachers. LAQ. Language Assessment Quarterly. (forthcoming)
  • Levi, T., Harpaz D. An intervention program: Language of pedagogy, school language. (forthcoming)
Other publications
  • Levi, T., Hyde S. (2014). The impact of English instruction in camp settings. Ort Israel
  • Levi, T., Hyde S. (2014). The impact of the Access project for promoting English skills in Israeli high schools. Ort Israel
  • Levi, T., Lavi, H., Treat F., Yochama, M. (2012). Assessing Speaking Kit (ASK). A resource for teachers in junior high school. Ministry of Education. Pedagogical Secretariat. Rama
  • Gordon, C., Kemp, J., Levi T., Toporoff, D. (2002). Assessment guidelines for the English Curriculum. Ministry of Education. Pedagogical Secretariat. Jerusalem

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