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Yael Kesner Baruch, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • ​Lecturer
  • Pedagogical advisor
  • Researcher

Research Interests

  • ​Preschool
  • Science education
  • Curiosity and scientific curiosity
  • Neuroeducation
  • Neuroscience
  • Social-Emotional Learning


  • Teaching practice in Early Childhood Education  
  • Practice in Early Childhood Education
  • The curious child: Experience, inquiry and exploration in pre-school
  • Brain development: Educational issues
  • Developmental Psychology 


  • Kesner, Y., Zohar, J., Merenlender, A., Gispan, I., Shalit, F. and Yadid, G. (2009). WFS1 gene as a putative biomarker for development of post-traumatic syndrome in an animal model. Molecular Psychiatry, 14(1):86-94
  • Gabis, L., Raz, R. And Kesner-Baruch, Y. (2010). Paternal age in autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. Pediatric Neurology, 43(4):300-302
  • Gabis, V.L. *, Kesner Baruch, Y. *, Yokel, A. and Raz, R. (2011). Psychiatric and autistic comorbidity in fragile X syndrome across ages. Journal of Child Neurology, 26(8):940-948
  • Spektor-Levy, O.*, Kesner Baruch, Y. * and Mevarech, Z. (2013). Science and scientific curiosity in pre-school – The teacher's point of view. Journal of Science Education, 35(13): 2226-2253
  • Kesner Baruch, Y., Spektor-Levy, O. and Mashal, N. (2014). Pre-schoolers' verbal and behavioral responses as indicators of attitudes and scientific curiosity. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 14(1), 125-148

Other Interests

Evaluation of preschool social-emotional curriculum.

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