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Yaniv Efrati, Dr.


Senior lecturer


Dr. Yaniv Efrati (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at Institie of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences) founded and now heads the Israel Center for Healthy Sexuality (IHS). He completed his MA and P.hD at Bar Ilan University, in the University President's Scholarship for Excelling Doctoral Student Scholarship program. The subject of his PhD dissertation was Intra-Psychic Sexual Conflict among Adolescence. Dr. Efrati completed his post doctorate in the Psychology Department at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, under Prof. Mario Mikulincer. In his researches, he aim to understand sexual behavior among adults and adolescents. He focuses on compulsive sexual behavior and examines personality, cultural and psychopathological aspects of adolescents’ development of compulsive sexual behavior. He also serves as an active member of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's Interministerial Steering Committee on Behavioral Addictions while providing specific counseling on compulsive sexual behavior. Dr. Efrati lectures in various professional forums, in the media and in a range of academic programs. 


  • Developmental Psychology
  • Addictions - treatment and prevention
  • Basic training A for Educational Counseling
  • Applied Project / Seminars


  • Efrati, Y., & Gola, M. (in press). Adolescents’ compulsive sexual behavior: The role of parental competence, parents’ psychopathology, and quality of parent-child communication about sex. Journal of Behavioral Addictions. 
  • Efrati, Y., & Gola, M. (in press). The effect of early-life trauma on compulsive sexual behavior among members of a twelve-step group. Journal of Sexual Medicine. 16(6); 803-811
  • Efrati, Y, Gerber., Z., & Tolmacz, R. (2019). The relation of intra-psychic and relational aspects of the self to compulsive sexual behavior. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy
  • Efrati, Y & Dannon, P. (2018). Normative and clinical self-perceptions of sexuality and their links to psychopathology among adolescents. Psychopathology, 51 :380–389. 
  • 5. Efrati, Y., & Mikulincer, M. (2018). Individual-based compulsive sexual behavior scale: Its development and importance in examining compulsive sexual behavior. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 44:3, 249-259, DOI: 10.1080/0092623X.2017.1405297


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