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Keshet* Center for Professional and Continuing Education

​Head of Center: Dr. Ayal Shaul

The Keshet Center for Professional and Continuing Education provides professional development training through a wide range of courses, professional development credit programs, in-service teacher training and diploma studies for professionals in education and social and community services.  The Keshet Center provides its students with the optimal knowledge and tools for their success.

What is Unique about the Keshet Center?

  • Experience: 4000+ students take a variety of courses at the Keshet Center annually.
  • Reputation: the Keshet Center is an applied, socially oriented academic center, well known throughout Israel for its professional development programs.
  • Specialized Programs: the Keshet Center offers intervention and strategic consulting programs for public and municipal entities, education systems and third sector organizations.
  • Diverse Teaching Staff: the Keshet center is proud to have a diverse, creative and professional faculty of lecturers and instructors.
  • Program Graduates: our graduates have taken their professional expertise back to their places of work, and many have moved up to key positions.

Specialized Methodology

The Keshet center emphasizes an applied approach that combines studying with on-the-job training methods, case studies, simulations and self-empowerment workshops.

The center's programs are based on current research-based knowledge in education and social studies, combined with extensive field experience and practical knowledge in education and learning, management and development of personal careers and organizations, specialization in organizational learning, learning processes and professional development technologies, organizational development, leadership and personal empowerment. 

This combination makes our courses and programs practical and up-to-date for the 21st century world of knowledge and work.

* Keshet – Hebrew word for rainbow, arch or crossbow.

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