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Bio-inspired nanotechnologies: from concepts to applications

This COST Action’s main objective is to bring together researchers from different disciplines, which will share the same analysis to consider as a group the importance and urgency of “bio-inspired nanotechnologies” and construct a European “bio-inspired nanotechnologies” network that maintains strong roots at the national level.

The following key challenges will be addressed:

  1. Identifying different integration levels used to process information in multi-scale structures.
  2. Theoretical modelling of equilibrium and non-equilibrium interaction in different contexts, from molecular recognition to controlling the growth process.
  3. A rationalized route for efficient strategies to engineer interface properties from the molecular scale up to several micrometres.
  4. A rationalized route for instrumentation to record data at different scales.

Beit Berl College Faculty: Prof. Abid Nasser (MC) 2010-2014

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