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College Funded Research

  1. Sasson, Uzi: "Motivation to Volunteer and Motivation to lead, Research Proposal".
  2. Avidov Avi: "Rome's Conscience: Post-Conventional Morality in Plautine Comedy".
  3. Yaakobi Tali & Oron Uri: "The possible beneficial effect of Induction of autologous bone marrow stem cells by low-energy laser therapy on the kidneys post-ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rat".
  4. Rajech Sharkia: "studing chaperonines inhibitores as a basis for developing A NEW family of antibiotics”.
  5. Zadunaisky-Ehrlich, Sara: The contribution of individual and contextual variables to the text quality in written expository texts in elementary school children: a developmental study.
  6. Nasser, Abid El-Fatah: The impact of sewage effluents and distribution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the environment.
  7. Yachnitz, Liat: Drug use and addiction among FSU immigrants in Israel
  8. Jayoussi, Wurud and Abuav, Orit: Thinking and reasoning differences between Jews and Arabs in Israel: Understanding, application and contribution to living together.
  9. Sedi-Nakar, Meira: Changes in the internal composition of the "bereaved family" in Israel: Case study of elements of the bereavement experiences of different social groups in Israel.
  10. Golan-Samocha, Hila: Improving skills and empathy with cognitive training group.
  11. Simi, Hana and Bonnie-Noah, Hagit: Professional positions and personal opinions of teachers and education workers to psychoactive substances: drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
  12. Simoni, Aviva and Altaratz, Chaya: The counsellor as part of the “ Leadership Road “ in elementary school counselling leadership: the characteristics of counselling leadership as seen by counsellors, principals and teachers.
  13. Shenhav, Shelly: Ethnic Identity, Past and Memory: Heritage Centres as non-formal education sites.
  14. Jagger, Leah: What Israeli defence attorneys know about the factors that affect the correct identification of witnesses?
  15. Russak, Susie: Study of literacy learning EFL students in Israel in Hebrew and Arabic speakers.
  16. Helming, Ariela and Reitman, Yael: The analysis of accessible instructional components according to the perceptions of students with disabilities and students without disabilities.
  17. Jagger, Leah: Mixing Memory erroneous identification of bystanders.
  18. Aboud, Elias: Combinatorial problems in number theory.
  19. Shenhav, Dina: Visual representations of hunting.
  20. Shenkar, Daniela: Pulling the strings: the senior staff in the public service and its impact on public policy 2000-2014.
  21. Shidlo-Hetzroni, Vered, Golan-Samocha, Hila and Luria, Ronit: Quasi-judicial decisions of committees reflecting an interaction releases a multidisciplinary group.
  22. Geller, Keren: "Florence syndrome".
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