Student Academic Services

The Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Special Needs

The Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Special Needs aims at to strengthen their academic abilities and assist them throughout their studies. espouses an open-door policy and provides a sympathetic ear to the needs of all students, a policy which has proven itself, as demonstrated by the great desire of the students themselves to use their talents to contribute to and be involved in the center’s daily activities.
An expert staff offers individual coaching and group workshops for time management, communication skills, reading and writing and more.
All services are free of charge.

The Center for Curriculum Planning, Instruction and Evaluation (MATAL)

The center, located in the central library building, focuses on the professional development and the advancement of knowledge and skills in curriculum planning, instruction, and evaluation for students training to be teachers at Beit Berl College, and for teachers already employed within the educational system. The center has a collection of over 20,000 books, manuals, games and audiovisual materials for use in the classroom.


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