Beit Berl College

Beit Berl College is a multidisciplinary college focused on training educators while spearheading new developments in education, society and the arts. We see education as a vehicle for social mobility, equality and justice for all sectors of Israeli society.

Our Faculties

  • The Faculty of Education
  • The Faculty of Arts – HaMidrasha
  • Faculty for Counseling, Therapy, and Educational Support
  • Center for Society and Community Studies

Beit Berl at a Glance

  • ​Founded in 1949
  • One of the largest colleges in Israel
  • 10,000 enrolled students
  • 700 professors, lecturers and expert practitioners
  • Multicultural campus with diverse mixture of young and old, Jewish and Arab, secular and veteran, immigrant and international students
  • First college of education to be recognized for academic excellence and gain the same academic independence as Israel’s universities
  • High level of community engagement.




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