The Beit Berl library system includes the Central Library (books and periodicals in Hebrew, English, and Arabic), the Pedagogical Library (curricula, textbooks, games and kits), the Faculty of Art – Hamidrasha library and the Yemima Center for Children’s Literature.

The Central Library

The Central Library is located across the plaza from the college cafeteria and houses over 220,000 books in Hebrew, English and Arabic and 1,500 periodicals in print. The library’s catalog and online databases are searchable off-campus. Most of the book collection may be borrowed by Beit Berl students, faculty and administrative staff.

Over 100 computers are spread throught the building for student and staff use. Wi Fi connection is available throughout the library, as well as throughout the campus.

The library building dates back to 1950. It was designed by Yochanan Ratner and Mordechai Shushani in the International style. In 1997 library space was quadrupled, and the library was again renovated in the summer of 2010.

The Art Library

​The Art Library is located at the Faculty of Art – Hamidrasha campus. It includes over 15,000 books on art, art education, design, architecture, video art, photography and film. A selection of over 3,000 films can be viewed on site.

The Pedagogical Library

​The Pedagogical Library is housed in the Central Library building. With a collection of nearly 30,000 books, teacher manuals and games. it offers the students the entire body of materials used within the Israeli school system, including materials in Arabic. Students receive guidance in planning lessons, including all age groups within the formal and non-formal educational settings.

The Yemima Center

The Yemima Center Library is located in the Central Library building, and includes over 20,000 children and youth literature, mainly in Hebrew.


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