Center for Education for Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Students

Head of Unit: Orit Lerer-Knafo

The Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) population comprises about 11% of the Israeli population and is expected to grow to 22% by 2045. In spite of their relatively large presence in Israeli society, until recently this community has remained outside mainstream society in general, not to mention academic life.

How it all started

Several years ago, two Haredi men came to Beit Berl, wishing to earn a B.Ed and a teaching certificate. Others soon followed – most of them were seeking professional training in special education and work with at-risk youth. These areas have been widely overlooked in the Haredi society, which lacked professionally trained staff. Following a pilot program in 2013, the College opened the Center for Education for Haredi Students in 2014.
redi society.​

A great success

Since then the program has produced hundreds of graduates, with an unrivaled graduation rate of almost 100%. The program’s graduates are becoming leaders in the Haredi education system – as school principals, counselors and municipal community activists.

A unique program, tailored to the needs of the Ultra-Orthodox

The Center for Education for Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Students offers a unique B.Ed. program, specially tailored to the specific needs of ultra-orthodox students, while maintaining academic excellence:

  • Supplementary support for core subjects – The College provides supplementary English classes, extra lessons in computer use and academic study skills – core areas that traditionally receive less emphasis in Haredi education.
  • Convenient hours – Classes at hours that suit the students’ work schedules and family obligations.
  • Gender separation – Men and women study in separate classes, although they use campus-wide facilities. The instructors, male and female, Arabs and Jews, are members of the Beit Berl faculty.
  • Special facilities – supporting the strict dietary “kashrut” restrictions observed by the Haredi society.​

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