Oded Potchter, Prof.

​Prof. Potchter is a climatologist who specializes in the connections between climate, humans, and the environment. He received his PhD from the Department of Geography and the Human Environment at Tel Aviv University. He is active in education, teaching, and research in applied climatology, bioclimatology, climate- and environment-adapted planning, and environmental problems. He also serves as a researcher and teaching fellow at Tel Aviv University. He served as a member of the plenum of the Nature and National Parks Authority in 2012-2016, as a member of the European Forum for Urban Afforestation, and as a researcher in a German-Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian research group discussing international cooperation in the Dead Sea area. Prof. Potchter works as an environmental consultant and planner. Among other projects, he was a member of the establishment team for the city of Ramat Beit Shemesh, the Menachem quarter in Beersheva, and the climate masterplan for Tel Aviv. He also served as a climatic consultant in the Ministry of Housing for planning open public spaces. He served as the emissary of the World Zionist Federation to London, was the head of the national leadership of the Beitar youth movement, and a member of the Academic Committee of the Jabotinsky Institute.


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