IN2IT: Internationalization by Innovative Technology

A 3-year project (2015-2018), budget at 925,108 EUR, with partners from Italy, France, UK, Germany and Poland.
IN2IT aims to promote implementation of internationalization by developing innovative technological platforms to facilitate:
(1) development and delivery of international curriculum by virtual teaching and learning; (2) utilization of interactive international hubs for communities of practice (CoP) of researchers; and (3) employment of global academy-industry/community cooperation.
The collaboration of Israeli Colleges and EU Universities in IN2IT allows the Israeli partners to offer their knowledge in innovative technology and for the EU partners to contribute their experience in international academic activities.
The specific objectives of the project are the following:
– To establish a framework for assessing internationalization capability maturity level of institutional units for realization of international activities;
– To create effective international teams for implementation of internationalization;
– To develop and deliver international academic programs, including curriculum and supporting teaching materials, to be used with modern technologies;
– To develop and utilize interactive international hubs for experts to promote knowledge sharing and joint research projects;
– To develop and exploit international academy-industry/community cooperation for students to experience employment in global economy;
– To develop and implement innovative technological platforms to support online international academic cooperation;
– To establish a sustainable strategy to expand the project’s deliverables and outcomes nationally and internationally;
– To disseminate the project’s results in seminars, conferences, and electronic media channels.

The project has 10 work packages:
1. International Capability Maturity Framework
2. International Team Building
3. International Virtual Curriculum
4. International CoP for knowledge-sharing
5. Academy-industry/community cooperation
6. Innovative technological platform
7. Quality assurance
8. Dissemination
9. Sustainability and Exploitation​
10. Project Management

The project coordinator is ORT Braude College of Engineering. Beit Berl College

is taking an active part in all work packages.

The project leader at Beit Berl College is Dr. Osnat Dagan,


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