IRIS: Fostering Academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges to promote education, research and innovation

3-year project (2012-2015), budget at 1,210,055 EUR, with partners from Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland.

The IRIS project goals are: to foster academic International Relations in Israeli Colleges, to promote education, research and innovation and to improve the academic quality as well as the status and competitiveness of public colleges through the development of internationalism capabilities and culture at the colleges.

The IRIS project Objectives are:

  • Development of a strategic plan for internationalization of academic colleges.
  • Infusing colleges’ campuses with an international perspective and encouraging the engagement of faculty, administrators and students in the internationalization agenda.
  • Development and delivery of training for international relations professionals in the partner colleges.
  • Establishment of International Relations Offices (IRO) in the partner colleges.
  • Development of pilot activities by the trained local IRO teams.
  • Establishment of a network of IROs for advocacy of internationalization programs, the transfer of best practices, and further collaborative initiatives.


The project has 9 work packages:

1. Requirement analysis and benchmarking

2. Internationalization strategic plan

3. Development and delivery of internationalization of the curriculum.

4. Development and delivery of training IRO activities

5. Pilot IRO activities

6. Quality Assurance

7. Dissemination

8. Exploitation and Sustainability

9. Project Management

The project coordinator is ORT Braude College. Beit Berl College is responsible for WP7: Dissemination.

The project leader at Beit Berl College is Dr. Amira Meir


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