Israel Science Foundation (ISF)

The impact of cognitive and linguistic L1 and L2 skills on literacy acquisition in EFL: A comparison between Arabic and Hebrew speakers in Israel

An examination of the EFL acquisition process for both Hebrew and Arabic speakers simultaneously within a longitudinal framework including 150 Arabic speaking pupils who learn EFL after they have already begun to learn Hebrew in school, meaning that they are biliterate, and 150 mono-literate Hebrew speaking pupils learning EFL.

Beit Berl College Faculty: Dr. Susie Russak 2014-2017.

The Relative Contribution of Individual and Contextual Variables on Writing of Expository Texts by Children in Elementary School: A Developmental Study

An integrative study aimed at tracking individual and contextual variables explaining structural and developmental differences in expository text writing and identifying the features that characterize the production process of such texts. These variables and processes provide the information needed to formalize an explanatory model of Text Quality.

Beit Berl College Faculty: Prof. Anat Stavans, Dr. Sara Zadunaisky Ehrlich, Dr. Batia Seroussi 2014-2017.


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