Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha

Dean of Faculty: Hila Peleg

The Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College is a leading school of the arts in Israel, playing a vital role in Israeli culture – nurturing young artists, training art educators, and opening fresh discourse in the fields of painting, sculpture and photography, as well as video art, digital media, and film. Our 150 faculty members and thousands of graduates are among Israel’s leading artists, initiating key transformations in the country’s art and culture, whether as artists or as teachers, training future generations of artists.

Established as a center for a unique Israeli voice in conceptual art, Hamidrasha continues in the forefront of emerging trends in contemporary art in Israel and around the globe. Hamidrasha grants students a strong basis in the body of knowledge relevant to art, and provides a solid foundation in professional technique. Thus, students at Hamidrasha learn art as a language and a way of thinking, while gaining both practical and theoretical foundations for their work.

Integrated with their art studies, students prepare themselves to teach art in Israeli schools, allowing Hamidrasha students to participate in culture both as active artists and as art teachers. The interface between making art and art education requires students to develop a personal philosophy of art in particular and culture in general. While learning different approaches and philosophies in the field of art, students develop the “credo” that will guide them as art teachers.


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