Hamidrasha Gallery – HaYarkon 19

Hamidrasha Gallery – HaYarkon 19, an extension of Hamirasha Art Faculty, is a center for fine arts, culture and education. Located at the nexus of Tel Aviv’s gallery district and neighborhoods of marginalized populations, the Gallery highlights emerging artists – with exhibits, installations, performance art, video and film, as well as lectures and seminars. The Gallery creates a space for educational activity, work with the surrounding communities, and is a focus for the Israeli arts and cultural community.
The Gallery, which spans a 500 sq. mtr. space in a two floor complex, includes a contemporary art gallery, and a versatile area equipped for video screening, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Our activities include

  • Exhibitions: Serving as Hamidrasha’s window in Tel Aviv, Hamidrasha Gallery is among the prominent galleries operating in the city. Displaying young contemporary artists, Hamidrasha Gallery is an integral part of the fabric of Israel’s art world. The Gallery hosts myriad, changing exhibitions, highlighting a wide variety of artists. The gallery activities include tours and talks with the artists, open for the local community and the general public.
  • Lectures, seminars and conferences: Working with Hamidrasha’s academic staff, we offer, on a weekly basis, a diverse range of talks, lectures and film screenings on current subjects: the local film scene, digital media, music, art education, social issues, and more. All of these are free and open to the public.
  • Art Education Programs: As an extension to Hamidrasha’s activities in the field of art education, our programs serve schools and teachers from the Tel Aviv district and beyond. Students and faculty members of Hamidrasha, who study art education, are involved in the ongoing activities. In addition, the Gallery provides lectures and seminars for art teachers, and provides activities for art students.
  • Working with the community: acknowledging the unique location of our center, our programs also include activities for and with the communities around us.
  • Artists’ Initiatives: Hayarkon 19 encourages unique initiatives on cultural and social issues. Artists from all fields, as well as researchers, and social activists are welcome to use the Gallery and its resources in order to develop group-based initiatives.


Hamidrasha Gallery – Hayarkon 19, Yearbooks


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