Criminology and law enforcement

Head of track: Dr. Ronit Haimoff-Ayali

Degree programs combining the study of criminology with criminal justice (law enforcement) have been offered for many years at numerous universities and colleges in the US and other countries. Beit Berl was the first institution in Israel to recognize the importance of this field, and in the early 1990s already offered programs specializing in criminology and criminal justice. Over 1,000 students now study in the track, which has faculty of over 30 lecturers from various fields who hold PhD degrees or are qualified attorneys. The unique feature of the track is the integration of lecturers who specialize in academic research in criminology alongside lecturers with extensive professional experience in defense and civilian frameworks, including the Israel Prison Service, the Israel Police, the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Education, and other bodies.

The diploma studies program is intended for students who come from law enforcement agencies and the civil service.

The track aims to provide the students with in-depth theoretical knowledge in criminology and associated disciplines; to inculcate tools and an ability to understand and analyze the causes of criminality and social deviation; and to understand the ways in which the law enforcement, legal, and education systems respond to various types of criminality. The students in the track develop analytical and critical thinking skills that will help them in their positions of employment.


The content of the courses in the diploma studies in Criminology include diverse subjects, such as forensic identification, sex offenses, juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, profiling, corruption, and other topics.


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