Center for Society and Community Studies

“A faithful study of the liberal arts humanizes character and permits it not to be cruel.”



​Head of the Center: Dr. Yifaat Tamarkin Leider

Why choose academic studies?

Academic studies offer lively intellectual stimulation, open new windows onto the world, present human thought as embodied in milestones of social and cultural development, instills professionalism and expertise, elaborates and improves personal discretion, provides tools for independent thought and judgment, develops an ability to innovate and be renewed, and shapes the personality. Academic life offers a chance to enjoy a special pleasure – the pleasure of learning rooted in knowledge.

Why study at the Center for Society and Community Studies at Beit Berl College?

The Center offers a range of study tracks in fields of the social sciences and humanities. Study tracks at the College include Criminology and Criminal Justice, Green Criminology, Green Criminology – Cannabis, Social Organizational Management, and National Security and Home Front Defense.

The staff at the Center for Society and Community Studies includes expert lecturers in the social sciences and humanities who are well-known in their academic field. The faculty also includes lecturers who are prominent in various fields of knowledge and have extensive practical experience as commanders (retired) in the army and police and as senior managers in various organizations in the public, commercial, and private sectors.

What will you learn?

​In the Criminology and Law Enforcement track, you will study the causes of crime and the methods used by law enforcement agencies to confront crime. You will acquire tools and capabilities for understanding and analyzing the causes of criminality and social deviation from a biopsychosocial perspective.

In the Green Criminology track, you will become familiar with environmental issues on the global and local agenda and with the field of green crime. The goal of the track is to develop citizenship and environmental leadership and to nurture agents of change who can inculcate social and environmental initiatives.

In the Green Criminology – Cannabis track, you will acquire theoretical and practical interdisciplinary knowledge concerning cannabis. This includes a thorough familiarization with historical, cultural, criminological, pharmacological, medical, and agricultural aspects, as well as with issues relating to policy, regulation, economics, and commerce.

In the Social Organizational Management track, you will learn about processes in the organization and analyze the organizational environment while acquiring managerial knowledge and applicable practices for work in the field. The emphasis in the track is on the social, economic, and political reality within which the organization functions.

In the National Security and Home Front Defense track, you will learn about the civilian home front during emergencies, preparedness for emergencies, and practices for confronting diverse threats to the civilian home front and for enhancing its preparedness and resilience in such situations.

Students in all the tracks will develop skills in critical thinking that will help them in their ongoing academic studies and in the workplace.


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