Social organization management

Head of track: Dr. Galit Aharon

The goal of the Social Organizational Management track is to inculcate knowledge about organizations, to understand processes in the organization, and to analyze and apply tools for enhancing the organizational environment. The curriculum in the Social Organizational Management track focuses on ensuring a thorough familiarization with the social, economic, and political reality within which the organization functions, and provides managerial knowledge and practices for work in the field.

The Social Organizational Management track is a unique framework that trains workers, directors, and entrepreneurs to become leaders in their field by enabling them to utilize relevant fields of knowledge in order to enhance the efficiency of their work. The course introduces the students to patterns of decision making, organizational consultancy, engagement with the mass media, the formulation and implementation of policy, and responses to the organization’s internal and external environment. The students acquire a broad basis of knowledge as well as diverse management tools that help them to integrate in social organizations, local government, public administration, and the private market in Israel and around the world. Graduates will have a better understanding of the internal forces that operate within the organization, as well as external aspects in the organization’s surroundings that influence its functioning in a modern and dynamic environment.

The overall goal of the studies in the Social Organizational Management track is to train the “new worker” capable of coping with the emerging job market and with the changes taking place in labor markets around the world. Private and public employers today are looking for trained workers who can combine entrepreneurship with creativity, help move the organization forward, foster innovation, and take a holistic view of the needs of different players in the system. These workers are required to combine analytical and managerial capabilities with the understanding, analysis, and management of situations characterized by political, social, economic, and legal complexity.

The curriculum in the Social and Organizational Management track provides a response to the requirements in the new job market and offers a jumping board to meaningful promotion and career development in a wide range of organizations: government ministries, public authorities and companies, private sector companies, NGOs and social organizations, and local government. The curriculum is also adapted to the threshold requirements for advanced studies at leading academic institutions in Israel and abroad.


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