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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

​​​​​Head of the Program: Karen Abel  
Admissions Office:

As the distance between global and local becomes shorter, the demand for English as an additional language is constantly growing throughout the world in general and in Israel in particular, and with it - the demand for teachers who are trained in this field.  Our program caters to three different populations:
  • Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) with a specialization in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  • Post-Graduate Teaching Certificate (PGCT) for holders of undergraduate or graduate degrees from an accredited university.
  • Retraining program for practicing teachers (i.e., of another school subject) who wish to obtain a teaching certificate in English.
Our teacher-training program offers certification in three tracks:
  • Elementary school – 1st to 6th grades
  • Jr and High school – 7th – 10th grades
  • Multiple- age  - 1st -10th grades
 We offer a wide range of courses, all taught in English, in the fields of:
  • Language Teaching Methodology
  • Literacy
  • English Language and Linguistics
  • English Literature and Culture

About the faculty

Our faculty and pedagogical advisors are all experts in various fields connected with teacher training and English. They are all active practitioners and published scholars with a wide range of research interests:
  • Language acquisition
  • Language policy
  • Learning disabilities and foreign language acquisition
  • Teacher cognition and assessment
  • Multilingualism
  • British and American literature
  • Applied linguistics

Certificate Program for Tutors

In addition to our certification program, we offer a certificate program for tutors.
This unique, hands-on program prepares graduates for tutoring or teaching English in small groups at the primary, secondary and adult levels. Areas of study include:
  • Business English
  • Creativity and innovation in language teaching (including material development and assessment)
  • Distance learning
  • English grammar and pedagogical grammar
  • Intermediate and advanced learners
  • Language teaching methodology for beginners
  • Matriculation exams
  • Remedial teaching
  • Teaching English for special purposes
  • Teaching native English speakers

Program components

Teaching Practicum
One or two days a week, students participate in the practical teaching experience, according to their chosen teacher-training track. They get to observe as well as participate in teaching lessons within the PDS (Professional Development School) model. Students work on long-term projects that involve collaboration between students, mentor teachers and pedagogical advisors. 

Online Courses
Our program allows students to participate in a variety of learning environments and experience different instructional delivery methods. Distance education is an integral part of our program in order to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and strategies required for online teaching and learning. Additionally, this mode of instruction allows students to study some of the courses on their own schedule.

English is one of the preferred subjects of the Israeli Ministry of Education. Students studying in the English Department towards a teaching certificate may be eligible for a scholarship. Please check the criteria for eligibility and exact amounts of scholarships. Additionally, the English Department offers a number of merit scholarships and awards based on academic achievements, diligence and community service.

Learning Environment
We give students personal guidance and support in both the coursework and practical experience. The small class sizes, flexible schedules and excellent teaching make our teacher education program unique. Our online journals highlight some recent student and departmental achievements. Please feel free to read additional details about the English Department at Beit Berl College and our online journals.

On-campus accommodation is available. 


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