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דואר אלקטרוני

Alon Pauker, Dr.

Academic Positions

Program Director of The Buber Center for Dialogue Education.

Research Interests

  • History of the kibbutz
  • History and politics in Zionism and in the State of Israel
  • Student teacher training


  • Utopias and their realization in the Zionist settlement
  • Planning in the Zionist and Israeli settlement
  • Messianism as motivating processes among the Jewish people
  • Israel – Ideology, Politics, Society and Economy


  • ​When the Pioneers Wanted a Home: kibbutz Members versus their Leaders in the Early Years of the State of Israel, The Open University of Israel Press, Raa'nana, 2018 (in Hebrew)
  • Hakibbutz Ha’artzi in the First Decade of the State of Israel: "Between Fulfilling a Mission and Building a Home", Israel, 23 (2016), pp. 205-232 (in Hebrew; with Tamar Shechter)
  • A Collaboration of Three Organizations: Adjusting the Professional Development School Model in Preparing Community Teachers. In Judith J. Slater, Ruth Ravid, and R. Martin Reardon (Eds.), Building and Maintaining Collaborative Communities: Schools, University, and Community Organizations, Chalotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2016, Chapter 2, pp. 19-31. (With Aviva Klieger)
  • "Fluid Sectoralism and the Present-Day Kibbutz", Politics, Culture and Socialization, 4(2) 2013, pp. 181-200. (With Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti)
  • "HaKibbutz Ha'Artzi and the Soviet Union during the First Decade of Israeli Independence", Iyunim Bitkumat Israel, 22 (2012), pp. 64-90

Other Interests

  • Dialogue and progressive Education
  • Dialog
  • Economic-social mutual relationships in Israel

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