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Wurud Jayusi, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Director of the Center for the Advancement of Shared Society- Beit Berl College
  • Head of Junior-High School track at the Arab Academic institute for Education
  • Member of the management board of the Arab Academic Institute
  • Member of the Faculty of Education Council
  • Member of the editorial board of the "Elshad" academic journal

Research Interests

  • Education
  • Peace Education & Shared society
  • Multicultural/Multiethnic education,
  • Minority-Majority relations in the education system


  • ​Practicum in Curriculum and Assessment Processes (Me.d)
  • Arab education in Israel in the context of globalization (Me.d)
  • Planning & Assessment for Learning (Be.d)
  • Seminar - Issues and Dilemmas in Education (Be.d)


In academic journals

Jayusi, W. & Bekerman, Z. (2019). Yes, We Can! - Palestinian-Israeli Teachers in Jewish-Israeli Schools. Journal of Teacher Education. 0022487119849869.

Jayusi, W., & Bekerman, Z. (2019). Does teaching on the" Other" side create a change. Teaching and Teacher Education, 77, 160-169.

Paul-Binyamin, I., & Jayusi, W. (2018). The bilingual school–an educational model for civic equality in a divided society. Intercultural Education, 29(3), 340-362.

Yemini, M., Hermoni, J., Holzmann, V., Shokty, L., Jayusi, W., & Natur, N. (2017). The implementation of internationalisation in Israeli teacher training colleges. European Journal of Education, 52(4), 546-557.

Paul-Binyamin, I., & Jayusi, W. (2017). The bilingual schoolAdmittedly an island of inequality in an unequal society? Iyunim in Education, 15, 16, 116-146. [in Hebrew].

Abu-Asba, H., Jayusi, W., & Sabar-Ben Yehoshua, N. (2011). The identity of Palestinian youngsters who are Israeli citizens: The extent of their identification with the state and with Jewish culture, and the implications for the education system. Dapim: Journal for Studies and Research in Education, 52, 11–45. [in Hebrew].

Jayusi, W. (2011). Restoring the attitudes of Palestinian and Jewish students participated in peace education programs through peer-tutoring. Al-Hasad 1, 101-133. [in Arabic].

Jayus, W., Erlich Ron, R., & Gindi, S (In prosses). the twilight zone: Teachers’ responses to students’ informal political dialogue. Teaching and Teacher Education.

Chapters in referees Books

Jayusi, W., & Bekerman, Z. (2020). The choice of majority space. In I. Paul-Binyamin & R. Reingold (Eds.), Shared spaces. Mofet institute, Tel Aviv. [in Hebrew].

Paul-Binyamin, I., & Jayusi, W. (In process). E. Eshel Baram, W. Jayusi, E. Younis, & I. Paul-Binyamin (Eds.). Jewish and Arab Childhood in Israel. Lexington Books.

Jayusi, W. (2013). The light at the end of the tunnel – Peace Education in Israel. In King Łapot-Dzierwa (ed.), A teacher in Contemporary Multicultural World (pp. 23-33). Oxford University Pedagogical University of Cracow.

Books Edited

Eshel Baram, E., Jayusi, W., Younis, E., & Binyamin-Paul, I. (In preparation. ( Jewish and Arab Childhood in Israel. edited volume. Lexington Books.

Gutman, M., Jayusi,W., Michael, B., & Bekerman, Z. (In preparation). "To be a Teacher in a Foreign Culture: An International Perspective"- edited volume

Position paper

Jayusi, W., & Zalmanson-Levi, G (2018). Multiculturalism and coexistence between Jews and Arabs in academic institutions for teacher training. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel. Springer book Press.

Research reports

Miro Yaffe, A., Dahan, A., Watat, A., Zimerman, V., & Jayusi, W. (2020).
Success stories in the optimal absorption of new teachers in the education system. Beit Berl College.
[in Hebrew].

Jayusi, W., Mahajana, S., & Watad, A. (2018). Perceptions and Attitudes of P.D.S Mode Training students at the Arab Academic Institute and their contribution to their knowledge and pedagogical skills. The Arab Center for study of Arabic language, society and culture. Beit Berl College. [in Hebrew].

Hadar, L., Markovitz, D., Greenberg, L. and Jayusi ,W. (2013). Perception of the Teaching Training Process at Beit Berl College for developing college's professional identity in four tracs in BBC. Beit Berl College. [in Hebrew].

Paul-Binyamin, I., & Jayusi, W. (2010). Evaluation of Hand-in-Hand bilingual Max Brainer school in Jerusalem. Beit Berl College. [in Hebrew].

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